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John Recommends Jay R. Bloom

After retaining counsel to provide legal services in the matter of my divorce and receiving unsatisfactory results, I made the decision to change counsel. At that time l retained Jay Bloom of Katz and Bloom P.L.C. This was without a doubt a decision that significantly impacted the final results of my case in a very positive manner. Jay Bloom took over my case with little or no time to spare. Once Jay took over my case he was all over it and began to quickly produce results. Jay Bloom is a very skilled organizer and an effective and knowledgeable attorney who simply put "is in it to win it" for his client. My sense of relief in knowing that I had a skilled and aggressive attorney on my side was immeasurable. Jay Bloom has proven to be exceptionally skilled not only in his knowledge of the law, but also in understanding the strategies necessary to negotiate divorce settlement, and if settlement is not possible to win in court. Jay Bloom demonstrated in my case that he also possesses the high level of skill and legal knowledge necessary to manage complex business matters. My divorce involved two businesses; Jay was able to produce the desired outcome for both. He clearly has a deep understanding of the law and the strategies necessary to win in business matters as well. As an unexpected plus, through my case and discussions with Jay Bloom, it became clear that he is an ethical individual and a decent person. Something not all attorneys are well known for. It is, in my opinion, a good thing to have an attorney who you can respect for his legal skill and also his integrity as well. Jay Bloom has shown to me that he is that kind of man. He is the kind of guy who earns his success and respect. If I were able to do it all over again I would have retained Jay Bloom of Katz and Bloom immediately and without hesitation. I have experienced the frustration of receiving unsatisfactory counsel and also the relief of receiving excellent legal representation with Jay Bloom, be is definitely worth every penny of his fee. Jay Bloom is definitely the attorney you don't want your ex to have. I recommend you retain him immediately before he/she does. You'll be glad you did.
– John