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Looking for the best Phoenix divorce lawyer or family law attorney for your case? Consider one of the most respected Family Law firms in Arizona, Katz & Bloom.  Our highly rated attorneys, Norman M. Katz and Jay R. Bloom each have proven track records of successful outcomes for their clients by way of negotiation and trial victories. They have obtained successful results in hundreds of divorce, child custody and other Family Law cases.  Chances are, if your opposing party has retained a Family Law attorney in Maricopa County, he or she will know them, and respect them.

The attorneys at Katz & Bloom are particularly proud of their abilities in the courtroom, which sets them apart from other Family Law attorneys.  That's important.  If your divorce or child custody case is not resolved by negotiated settlement, it will ultimately be determined by the Judge after a courtroom trial or hearing.

Some attorneys are easy to talk to in the conference room and they appear to be genuinely concerned about your case.  Great qualities to have.  But unless that attorney is also able to effectively and persuasively present your case under the high pressure of the courtroom, that nice guy or gal you have been banking on, may ultimately disappoint you.

Maybe in a perfect world, your lawyer's courtroom ability shouldn't matter.  After all, the facts are the facts and shouldn't that control the outcome?  Sure, in a perfect world, but there's a lot more to it.  Your attorney needs to have a solid knowledge of all the relevant facts, (in their head, not their notes), and know how to best present them in a short amount of time in a way that is understandable and persuasive.  But that's not all.  In the courtroom, there are Rules of Evidence.  All of those great facts that are so important for you to get a favorable ruling from the Judge, need to be "admitted into evidence" based on application of those Rules of Evidence.

You've seen it in movies and on television.  That crucial information is about to be presented when the other attorney stands up and confidently declares, "objection."  The Judge quietly says, "sustained," and just like that, the facts so critical to your divorce case never gets "admitted into evidence." The Judge never even hears it.

Guess what?  There may have been another way to get that same evidence before the Judge, if only the attorney had better courtroom skills.  For many involved in Family Law cases in which the most important issues in their lives are going to be determined such as child custody, support and division of assets, they realize their attorney's weakness when its too late, while sitting on the witness stand watching their own lawyer stammer and get frustrated, unable to think on their feet, not even realizing there is another way to get that crucial question answered.  You sit there confused about what just happened as that nice gal or guy moves on to a different subject.

When you walk into the courtroom with Norman M. Katz or Jay R. Bloom, you will be well prepared and completely confident that your divorce, child custody or other family law case is about to be presented with skill, in a manner best designed to achieve your goals.  Most importantly, when you leave that courtroom, you will know you made the right choice at the beginning of the case, when you selected Katz and Bloom to be working for you.