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Norman M. Katz and Jay R. Bloom, both formerly of New York City, opened the law firm of KATZ & BLOOM in 1997.  Our firm practices primarily in the area of Family Law, but we are also experienced in other areas of law that require a high level of courtroom skill, including Criminal Defense, Civil Actions, Juvenile Law and Probate Law.  We are well known for aggressively pursuing the best possible outcome for our clients, whether it be in a courtroom engaged in aggressive litigation, or behind closed doors locked in tense negotiations.  Taking tremendous pride in our knowledge, experience and courtroom abilities, we ensure the best interests of our clients are represented through all stages of any legal matter.

Whether you're facing a child custody dispute, divorce, business dispute, felony charges or if you have been  injured or just need to prepare a simple will, KATZ & BLOOM offers experienced attorneys in these and  many others areas of law as well.

Our attorneys are also licensed in the States of New York and New Jersey and we represent clients throughout the country and in other nations as well.  No strangers to high  profile cases, KATZ & BLOOM are perhaps best  known for their defense in the six week trial publicly referred to as the  "Avondale Quads case" which captured the attention of the nation.

Our office is located in midtown Phoenix, Arizona, at 340 East Palm Lane,  Suite A-260.  Our telephone number is (602) 266-1900.  Our hours are flexible and our rates are reasonable.   Any inquiries may be directed to either Norman M. Katz or Jay R. Bloom by  telephone, correspondence or e-mail.